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Paradigm Careers is a niche consultancy specialising in recruitment services and careers advice for the security, law enforcement, military, customs and related sectors globally.

For many people in the industry, a shift to a new career or job opportunity amounts to a paradigm shift in thinking and behaviour.

Our Recruitment Consulting stream includes sourcing suitable candidates of high calibre to match our clients requirements. We offer interview and screening facilities, and the use of psychological assessments in the recruitment and selection process. Our aim is to improve staff selection accuracy significantly for our clients. These assessments can also be used in team development, career management and recruitment.

We offer Careers Advice for those who are thinking of, or who are engaged in, career transitions. That transition may be from the government into the private sector, or intra-government transition. Our services include career coaching, CV writing, and personal development programs.

"But" is a fence over which few leap.
- German proverb


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