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Paradigm Careers offers Career Coaching services for those who may need help in finding a new direction, to plan a new career strategy and finding that path to success.

Whether you are planning a new career, or a move within your exisiting agency, or in a rut with your current job, our Career Coaches mentor and guide you through the process to achieve results. The Career Coaching process is conducted through online information sessions and one to one phone counselling.

Our aim is to help you embark on a new path by creating goals and motivation towards that shift in your career path.

The Paradigm Careers Coaching package includes:

  • Review of your current CV and creation of a revised one
  • A Career Choice assessment questionnaire
  • Two 30 minute telephone counselling sessions
  • Information packs on career transition
  • MBTI personality testing to aid in self assessment

The Career Coaching package is available for Australian Dollars $399

Click on the link below purchase this package:

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